ESSE-TI 5KT-020 - Cable kit Helpy Quick TL




ESSE-TI 5KT-020 - Cable kit Helpy Quick TL
Product variants
Product Image Donati Code Product
PR02760 ESSE-TI 5TE-016 - Analogue telephone without display
PR02761 ESSE-TI 4TS-101 - Analogue handset with display
PR02766 ESSE-TI 5HE-192 - Remote rescue autodialler ST56 on controller land line
PR02769 ESSE-TI 6CV-30022 - Microphone with 3-m cable
PR02771 ESSE-TI 5HV-401 - External active speakerphone unit
PR02773 ESSE-TI 5HV-103 - External passive speakerphone unit with pushbutton
PR02774 ESSE-TI 5HV-104 - External active speakerphone unit with pushbutton
PR02775 ESSE-TI 5HA-005 - Power supply 12 Vdc
PR02776 ESSE-TI 7CA-30149 - Power cord 3 m with connectors
PR02777 ESSE-TI 5HU-001 - Add-on board for 1 land line
PR02778 ESSE-TI 5HG-001 - Remote rescue autodialler + GSM Helpy Quick TL GSM 230 V
PR02779 ESSE-TI 5KT-020 - Cable kit Helpy Quick TL
PR02783 ESSE-TI 5CT-060 - Interface GSM500 without battery
PR02785 ESSE-TI 4CV-006 - Connecting cable 20 m GSM500
PR02786 ESSE-TI 7AN-10001 - Antenna with 2.5-m cable
PR02789 ESSE-TI 4CV-001 - Connecting cable 20 m GSM200
PR02790 ESSE-TI 4CV-009 - Antenna extension cable 15 m for GSM
PR02791 ESSE-TI 5HE-500 - Remote rescue wireless autodialler Helpy Air base station
PR02792 ESSE-TI 5HV-500 - Wireless spkrphone terminal Satellite KEY - machine room
PR02793 ESSE-TI 5HV-501 - Wireless spkrphone terminal Satellite PLUS - car roof/pit
PR02794 ESSE-TI 5HV-504 - Wireless spkrphone terminal Satellite COP - car, external
PR02795 ESSE-TI 5HV-503 - Wireless spkrphone tmnl Satellite CAR - car, behind panel
PR02796 ESSE-TI 4CV-015 - Antenna extension cable 3 m for Helpy Air terminals
PR02797 ESSE-TI 5IG-030 - Universal UMTS/GSM gateway voice/data/SMS tx
PR02799 ESSE-TI 5HV-002 - External passive speakerphone unit Helpy/2W
PR03907 ESSE-TI 4AR-001 - Power supply 12 Vdc 1A
PR05262 ESSE-TI 5HE-191 - Remote rescue autodialler ST56 12 V - internat. GSM
PR05413 ESSE-TI 5HA-004 - Universal power supply unit 12 Vdc
PR05417 ESSE-TI 5HR-001 - Add-on board for 2 relays
PR05486 ESSE-TI 6CV-30035 - Connection cables Esse-ti/Orona Arca 3
PR05516 ESSE-TI 7BA-10006 - Battery NiMH 5+5 cells 12 V 800 mAh
PR06868 ESSE-TI 7CA-30077 - Cable
PR06961 ESSE-TI 5IG-032 - Universal interface voice
PR07024 ESSE-TI 5HK-300 - Retrofit kit for Kone autodialer
PR07025 ESSE-TI 5HK-301 - Retrofit kit for Schindler autodialer
PR07469 ESSE-TI 7BA-10001 - Backup battery 12 V
PR09042 ESSE-TI 5IG-040 - High-speed transmission module
PR09278 ESSE-TI 5HL-101 - Remote rescue autodialler for car Helpy 2W-Q 2 wires 12 V
PR10439 ESSE-TI 5HL-201 - Remote rescue autodialler Helpy 2W-TL International
PR10441 ESSE-TI 5HL-005 - Remote rescue autodialler Helpy Vox 2W-V 12 V
PR10442 ESSE-TI 5HL-035 - Remote rescue Helpy 2W-V 24 V
PR10443 ESSE-TI 5HL-111 - Remote rescue autodialler for car Helpy 2W-Q 24 V
PR10444 ESSE-TI 5HL-500 - Remote rescue autodialler Helpy 2W-2G voice
PR10786 ESSE-TI 5HV-300 - Active speaker unit 2W
PR10849 ESSE-TI 5HV-300 - Poste externe 2W metallic
PR10850 ESSE-TI 5HV-300 - Speaker unit 2W inox
PR10851 ESSE-TI 5HV-300 - Speaker unit 2W w/button

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