GMV R040 - Belt Victory, poly-V 610 J, 5 ribs



GMV R040 - Belt Victory, poly-V 610 J, 5 ribs (L=610 mm, W=12 mm, H=3,5 mm)
Product variants
Product Image Donati Code Product
EW03075 FERMATOR - Trapezoidal belt L=900 mm
EW03076 FERMATOR - Toothed belt, closed loop, 450 RPP5 W=9 mm
EW03077 IGV P910491 - Toothed belt A44, thickness 13 mm L=1120 mm
EW03078 IGV P910493 - Toothed belt A65, thickness 13 mm L=1650 mm
EW03567 CMM PA1666 - Poly V-belt type J 7-rib L=1168 mm
EW03568 KRAMER - Toothed belt for Kramer doors, closed loop, 250XL W=19 mm
EW03569 SCHINDLER - Restraint belt for semi-automatic door
EW03570 SCHINDLER 553027 - Operator belt, poly-V 1016 J, 4 ribs
EW03571 SCHINDLER - Trapezoidal belt 8x5x900 mm
EW03572 SCHINDLER 553028 - Operator belt PJ 1016 - 100 J - Z=10
EW03576 MONITOR - Poly V-belt V type J, 5 teeth, L=1016 mm door operator 084
EW03577 MONITOR 3902044 - Poly V-belt V type J DV864, 5 teeth L=864 mm door op. 084
EW03578 MONITOR 3902007 - Poly V-belt V type J 8-rib L=914 mm, door op. 085-92VF
EW03579 MONITOR 3902001 - Poly V-belt V type J, 10 teeth, L=1016 mm
EW03580 MONITOR 3902003 - Trapezoidal belt 10x1030 mm Oleostatic Z40_1/2
EW03581 2SG PV47 - Poly belt V 1123J 6P
EW03582 2SG PV49 - Trapezoidal toothed belt, closed loop, 3VX450
EW03583 GMV R031 - Toothed belt AP 700/900 mm Victory
EW03584 GMV R040 - Belt Victory, poly-V 610 J, 5 ribs
EW03585 CMM PA1665 - Poly V-belt type J 8-rib SV=711
EW04067 Set of 2 trapezoidal belts Z30
EW06146 Megadyne belt 16T5 - cut length 11 m
EW06995 IGV P920376 - Belt, poly, V, 558 J, 5 ribs, Nadir/Gemini6 door operator
EW08122 OTIS FAA50F1-3M - Operator drive belt Optima/Protector3
EW08158 OTIS FAA717G1 - Belt L=2.7 m for PAX 1100/900GMP doors
EW08624 SCHINDLER 538244/997119 - Trapezoidal belt Z55 for QKS9
EW08718 SCHINDLER 622494 - Toothed belt L=1270 mm for Varidor10/Smart
EW08748 SCHINDLER 927112 - Toothed belt L=1360 mm
EW10379 Trapezoidal belt, closed loop, Z40
EW10624 IGV - Trapezoidal belt A60
EW10625 IGV - Trapezoidal belt A53

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