SCHINDLER 927037 - Spring REF 480


SCHINDLER 927037 - Spring REF 480
Product variants
Product Image Donati Code Product
ER00668 SCHINDLER - Torsion spring 5x5x36x63 mm - right
ER00674 Leaf spring Bassetti, 10 leaves with thickness 0.5 mm A=8 mm L=145 mm
ER00675 Spring F SN113 130x28 mm
ER00676 Spring with stud SE173 for Ceita doors, wire Ø=4 mm L=85 mm stud thread M8
ER00677 Spring with stud for Tesio doors, wire Ø=2.5 mm L=90 mm stud thread M8x70
ER00678 Spring with stud for Tieffe doors, wire Ø=2.5 mm L=102 mm stud thread M8x70
ER00679 Spring with rings for Caimi doors, wire Ø=15.5 mm L=117 mm
ER00680 Spring with swivel hooks Vicini doors, wire Ø=3.5 mm Ø ext.=25 mm L=240 mm
ER00681 Spring with swivel hooks Vicini doors, wire Ø=3.5 mm Ø ext.=25 mm L=140 mm
ER00682 Spring with swivel hooks Vicini doors, wire Ø=3 mm Ø ext.=25 mm L=90 mm
ER05173 OTIS - Spring for swing door
ER07583 KONE FR2141201H01 - Torsion spring 28.5x30x3 mm - left
ER07584 KONE FR2141201H02 - Torsion spring 28.5x30x3 mm - right
ER07648 KONE KM600918G01 - Spring 12x68x61 mm
ER07776 KONE NL2140801H01 - Tension spring for swing door closing 205x17.5x2.5 mm
ER08161 OTIS FAA92B1 - Opening lever spring for Techna door locks
ER08209 OTIS FO91E3 - Spring for 9940 locks
ER08268 OTIS GAA94BF1 - Spring for travelator NCT Uniplate - right hand
ER08386 OTIS T02312A4 - Brake spring kit
ER08620 SCHINDLER 538204 - Torsion spring QKS6/QKS9 - right-hand
ER08621 SCHINDLER 538205 - Torsion spring QKS6/QKS9 - left-hand
ER08716 SCHINDLER 622483 - Spring Varidor 10
ER08743 SCHINDLER 925171 - Door return spring T82 L 216
ER08744 SCHINDLER 925235 - Kit - return spring T82
ER08745 SCHINDLER 927035 - Car door spring QKS11
ER08746 SCHINDLER 927037 - Spring REF 480
ER08747 SCHINDLER 927038 - Short spring door closer, operator QKS11
ER08751 SCHINDLER 962447 - Spring Varidor C2/2
ER08757 SCHINDLER HP616378 - Door return spring T82/QKS11 L=705 mm
ER09200 SEMATIC BL-B102AAAX06 - Door close spring L=300 mm
ER09812 Spring and chain door recall OP=500/700

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