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light curtains

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CEDES - Light curtain Cegard Mini SY-2000-16 IP65
CEDES 103602 - Relay module 24vdc , 240vac contacts/8A, w/ EMI filters
KONE KM50074560 - 40 ray barrier (FCU0740RX - FCU0740TX)
KONE KM51184564 - Light curtain FCU 0796TX+RX, 9 mm
MEMCO 015 455 - 4m cable extension set for panachrome/panachrome+
MEMCO E10 36-2S - E10 barrier 36 diodes
MEMCO G3850 - Controller for light curtain Panachrome 2D
WECO - Light curtain 10x36mm h=1800mm universal type NPN/PNP NO/NC 10-30Vdc
WECO - Light curtain 10x36mm h=1950mm universal type NPN/PNP NO/NC 10-30Vdc
WECO 03.G5.N22.520.FED230 - Light curtain 11x36mm h=550mm, 220Vac
WECO 03.G5.N46.1000.FED230 - Light curtain 11x36mm h=1000mm, 220Vac
WECO 03.G5.N70.1500.FED230 - Light curtain 11x36mm h=1500mm, 220Vac
WECO- Light curtain 12x16x2000mm 15-30Vdc/220Vac subs. Cedes Minimax/Cegard