Hoistway components

Maintenance boxes Giovenzana

Maintenance station GIOVENZANA for pit bottom machine room

Maintenance station GIOVENZANA for under car room

Push-button station 3P

Push-button station OTIS type

Auxiliary checks GIOVENZANA

Stop switch with lever for pit bottom machine room

Support push-button station holder GIOVENZANA for pit bottom machine room

Maintenance station GIOVENZANA for car top room

Maintenance boxes Pizzato

Lighting hoistway

LED ceiling light

Inspection lamp for machine room

Limit switch slide and support

Neon Lamp for shaft and cabinets

Oval ceiling light

Ceiling light for machine room

Rope function indicator

Limit swithch

Various switch OTIS

Limit Switch OTIS

Limit Switch KONE

Limit Switch GIOVENZANA with manual reset button

Limit switch TELEMECANIQUE with roller

Limit Switch PIZZATO with manual reset button

Limit switch GIOVENZANA with roller

Limit switch PIZZATO with roller

Various Limit switch


Magnetic switch SCHINDLER

Magnetic switch OTIS

Magnetic switch KONE

Rectangular bistable sensor

Cylindrical magnetic sensor LAB.EL

Magnetic slot switch

Magnetic sensor Nylon

Magnetic sensor Nylon grey

Magnetic sensor Nylon black

Support for magnetic sensors

Nylon sensor guide

Magnetic JM4

Cylindrical magnetic sensor, nylon

Cylindrical magnetic sensor, brass

Magnet and accessories

Magnetic strip OTIS

KONE Magnet S-pole and strip

Fixing bracket for magnets

Bracket for magnetic switch

Various Magnet S-pole and strip

Magnetic strip

Structural steel galvanized

Retiring Cam and elctromagnet

Retiring cam FURINI


Electromagnet with joint

Retiring cam with spring 

Retiring cam with stainless steel leaf spring and operating cable

Retiring cam unit FIAM

Retiring cam unit CL07

Safety protection

Protection toe guard

Retractable 2-piece galvanized sheet-steel apron with safety contact

Toe-Guard Kit - Galvanized Sheet-Steel

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