OTIS BBE156F13 - Contact for Kronenberg PZ1510 door




OTIS BBE156F13 - Contact for Kronenberg PZ1510 door
Product variants
Product Image Donati Code Product
EP07591 KONE IT521671 - Contact 125 Vac 0.4 A 1NO 1NC
EP07592 KONE IT6334074 -Door contact B/2PO
EP07608 KONE KM254995 - Door contact switch AZ05KT
EP07614 KONE KM274099 - Door contact 230 Vac 2A
EP07800 OTIS 306FM1 - Contact for New York door lock 940A 6940C
EP07842 OTIS 9792A3 - Contact assembly for 9792A lock
EP07861 OTIS BBE156F13 - Contact for Kronenberg PZ1510 door
EP07936 OTIS FAA156BB1 - Contact Schmersal AZ 061 K 08106 - fixed + mobile
EP07937 OTIS FAA156K5 - Contact Kronenberg PZ73/B
EP07999 OTIS FAA23400J2 - Contact AZ14 + bracket & hardware
EP08198 OTIS FO156BE1 - Contact for lock 9538 L=27 mm - male
EP08201 OTIS FO2215Z227 - Reopen Contact 9550
EP08205 OTIS FO2215ZA100 - Contact + mounting hardware
EP08206 OTIS FO2235G1 - Complete contact
EP08213 OTIS FOD9940B1 - Complete contact MD
EP08219 OTIS FX7035A100 - Opening contact for A9550CC door operator
EP08220 OTIS FX7035A504 - Open & close contact
EP08224 OTIS GAA156DG23 - Contact PZ 1510-K
EP08316 OTIS MAA156A1 - Contact HZ Kronenberg for Selcom landing door
EP08403 OTIS TAA177A3 - Fixed contact Alcala Escorial Moderna
EP08419 OTIS TAA330AX1 - Tripping device for Apollo governor, sheave Ø=224 mm
EP08464 OTIS TXA7035A652 - Contact 1NO for 9550T
EP08518 SCHINDLER 188628 - Contact TR236-11Z-M20
EP08549 SCHINDLER 250888 - Contact for QKS9T
EP08579 SCHINDLER 412464 - Contact for operator QKS11
EP08591 SCHINDLER 505282 - Shunt KTZ8 for Schlieren doors
EP08594 SCHINDLER 505721 - Contact B2-5RW822-A2F2
EP08595 SCHINDLER 506242 - Contact EOG 1.5 for special lock SQ-SQ1
EP08617 SCHINDLER 53106867 - Fire-resistant contact CPL
EP08752 SCHINDLER 966843 - Shunt Varidor 10/20
EP09193 SEMATIC BL-0105 - Kit of Kronenberg contacts (2 for bridge supports) K2-4-6
EP10762 STEUTE AS 08 A Safety contact IP20

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