Geared for elevator modernizations ensures excellent quality and performance.

Vertical mounting optimizes space and does not require choosing the pulley side: 

-Maximum capacity 450 kg 

-maximum speed 1 m/s 

-maximum static load 2000 kg 

-Two reduction ratios 1/55 and 1/43 

-Three sizes of traction pulleys 480mm, 520mm, 600mm. 

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AS Type | The New Smartest Landing Door Lock by Uberlift

The new Uberlift AS Type Landing Door Lock. A brilliant landing door lock with compact size, only 50 MM wide, available in standard or 90 degreees leverage - mechanical or motorized movement.

MiniUPS | Emergency Switching Power Supply by Uberlift

The MiniUPS is a backup power supply with batteries capable of always providing the nominal voltage/current values to the output terminals.


The MiniUPS powers the connected devices and ensures their proper operation even in the event of a blackout with the same performance.


Due to its features, the MiniUPS can be used in all scenarios currently covered by emergency power supplies and expands their range of application. It can supply power and guarantee operation during blackouts for devices such as combiners, gateways, modems, routers, control boards, and general electrical boards that require constant voltage/current. It solves the problem of having multiple backup batteries (lights, sirens, combiners, gateways) with a single quality device. The Switching power supply ensures operation with input voltages ranging from 110 to 240VAC.


Technical features:

• Always provides stabilized output power

• Guarantees the same output power whether powered from the grid or battery

• Indicates a faulty battery via an LED (to be replaced)

• Optionally has a relay to signal the status of a faulty battery (to be replaced)

• Monitors battery temperature and overvoltage conditions

• Offers three different Vout options (always active, active only on battery, and active only with mains power)

• Provides current to charge the backup battery even with a maximum load

• Uses a switching power supply


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Donati Website and e-commerce training

A video by Donati SPA to introduce you to our new web platform.


Vidéo d'entreprise 2023


Nous avons comme mission de fournir à nos clients tout ce dont ils ont besoin, juste quand ils en ont besoin. Rien de moins que cela, et pas une minute plus tard. Faisons en sorte que la magie opère !

Corporate video 2019

Since 1963, an enduring Italian story with the customer at the center.

Founded in 1963, Donati has progressively solidified its expertise in marketing elevator and escalator components, boasting a continuously growing portfolio of over 10,000 items.

A young and dynamic team of collaborators, with in-depth product knowledge and an understanding of individual customer needs, delivers quality service with courtesy and readiness every day.

Operating in both the Italian and international markets, we place the customer at the heart of all our activities. Responding promptly with quality, integrity, and courtesy is our guiding principle.


Throughout Italy, Europe, and the world: always close to our customers.

In Italy, our central headquarters and a modernly organized warehouse of over 8,000 square meters are located in Settala (Milan).

We have direct distribution centers (with over-the-counter sales) in Rome, Turin, Florence, Catania, as well as commercial offices in Nice (France) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

We serve Europe and the world with express shipments, and thanks to our well-stocked warehouses, we can guarantee deliveries within 48 hours.


Optimized logistics: a lever for efficient service and fast deliveries.

For us, logistics is not just a company function but one of the key drivers to satisfy our customers.

That's why we have completely revolutionized it by adopting modern and efficient organizational methods. Procedures designed to ensure timely and error-free deliveries. Vertical automated warehouses that expedite and make the picking process more efficient. Shelf arrangements designed to optimize the retrieval and loading paths, along with WMS software to enhance daily work activities.

All with one goal in mind: delivering what our customers order within 48 hours."

Donati New Plant | August 2022

We are building our future. In Settala, the most modern logistics facility in the elevator and escalator industry is taking shape, to provide you with an even more efficient service and greater product availability. Donati's new headquarters is ready to welcome you from August 22.


Uberlift MN Type Semiautomatic Safety Door Lock Installation Instructions

Uberlift MN Type Semiautomatic Safety Door Lock Installation Instructions Built with finest quality material and components. Quick and Easy Installation The Uberlift MN Type are distributed by Donati.

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Uberlift AS Type Locks | Installation Instructions | TF2000 Replacement Instructions

Instructions for replacing TF2000 locks with the new Uberlift AS Type locks.

The innovative semi-automatic Uberlift AS Type lock, with its 50 mm width, is the most compact on the market.

Available in standard versions, 90-degree leverage, with mechanical or motorized movement.

These locks are an exclusive product of Donati S.p.A..

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